Torofosco company - ethic


At Torofosco “do good things in a good way” is our reason for being. We own and manage every phase of the creation of our furnitures. For our company, whose philosophy is to achieve harmony between our work and our nature, that presents a very special opportunity – the opportunity to manage production looking for smart solutions. We work exclusively with local craftsmans. In a historical period in which it is important to preserve tradition local manufacturing Torofosco does his best to bring the extraordinary ability of the Italian craftsman worldwide. Quality it’s a word you can use refering to Torofosco. In fact, it’s kind of an obsession for us. We think about it constantly. The quality of our designs, the quality of our materials, the quality of our service, the quality of your Torofosco-experience – in everything we do, we want our quality to be the best. And then, when we’re absolutely certain that it is, we want it to be even better.

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